Top degree: Forensic Psychology PhD

If you are considering a forensic psychology PhD, you are probably working in that field and may be already hold a qualification that is related to the subject area, like a masters in psychology or a school psychology degree. Building your career in forensic psychology means that you need to obtain a balanced mix of experience and qualifications. A forensic psychology PhD can give you maximum impact.

Your forensic psychology PhD requires academic courses plus the research required to write your dissertation. Today, many universities and forensic psychology schools offer psychology courses online, which allow you to continue to work while you study. An immediate benefit of online study for your forensic psychology PhD is being able to use the new skills and knowledge you acquire to enhance your work experience. Conversely, you can use your work experience to understand the theory you are learning. You can also select an area of research for your dissertation that is directly applicable to your job.

New Career Area

Forensic psychology is a relatively new career area, with more and more clinical psychologists working with criminal and law enforcement agencies to help discover the causes of crime and to reduce the crime rate. This means there is a great opportunity to add to the body of forensic psychology knowledge using your own research. There are many research topics that have not yet been thoroughly explored, which gives you the freedom to choose a dissertation topic that is of direct relevance and interest to you.

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